Sunday, 10 February 2008

New Buffalo

Looking over the shoulder of my squeeze tonight I noticed Perez Hilton giving massive props to New Buffalo, aka Melbourne songwriter Sally Seltmann. Nice to see that at last people are catching onto the undervalued charms of this incredible talent. Sally's got two wonderful records and an EP under her belt, and in case you didn't know she wrote Feist's 1234 which has become a bit of a hit courtesy of its use in a recent iTunes campaign, and is nominated for a Grammy! We'll be crossing our fingers for her and Feist tomorrow... And here's a link to the video for 1234 which i couldn't embed:

On writing 1234 Sally told Songfacts...

"I had been listening to Feist's album Let It Die. I thought my little song about lost love, and the hope to recapture what you once had, sounded too much like a Feist song for me to use for New Buffalo, so I shelved it. Then, in late 2005 I did a tour across Canada supporting Feist, and Broken Social Scene. After meeting Feist, I started to wonder whether she might like to do a cover of "1234," but I was too shy to tell her about it. At the last Broken Social Scene show, I plucked up the courage to tell her that I had written a song which I thought she might like to use. We went onto the tour bus, and I recorded a simple version of the song into her laptop, with guitar and vocals. To my surprise, she loved the song, and started playing it live."

Check out more from NEW BUFFALO online or at myspace.

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