Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Explosive Skate Vid

Kitsune Noir is one of my fave blogs - full of amazing design, art, music and general pop culture stuff. Its where i first saw the woolen beard balaclava. Aceness.

And I just saw this post for a new Skate video by Lakai, a skate footwear company, which features massive slo-mo kickflips and grinds with the concrete blowing up behind the skaters... check out Fully Flared, its awesome, and the music is just perfect. As a one time teenage 'skeg' and skate-vid devotee (Animal Chin anyone?) it completely blew me away.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Dream Job: Music Supervisor

Listening to the raddest fresh tunes all day, picking the perfect new ditty or long lost classic to fit just right under that exciting car chase, love scene, poignant moment or opening credits of the latest Wes Anderson flick... or an episode of The Wire even. I have no idea what being a Music Supervisor would actually entail as a day to day job, but its sitting just below Rage guest programmer in this monkey's fantasy career list.

Interesting then to spy on Daily Swarm this great article with the 'hot tips' and recommendations from nine influential music supervisors from TV and film. Everything At Once favourites like Yeasayer, My Morning Jacket, Cass McCombs and Noah And The Whale as well as a few new discoveries like Fleet Foxes and The Virgins. Expect to hear the latter two pop up in my new podcast later this week...

Monday, 28 January 2008

Shredding Sunday

I can't believe this has been out 'there' for 9 months and i'm only now seeing it - the perfect Sunday hangover time-waster...

Lets Shred!

The Steve Vai ones are the best but i thought i'd link through to the amazing Metallica vid here:

Saturday, 26 January 2008


Got the word this week that Toronto group Constantines have a new record dropping in April on the Arts & Crafts label. Their Sub Pop records are amazing, especially Shine A Light, and they've gradually become one of my favourite bands. Kensington Heights is out on April 15 and there is a taster of their 7" single over at Exclaim.

Here's the rad video of Working Full Time from the last record Tournament of Hearts...

Introducing DJ Blazing Faun

Ok, so I'm about to debut my fourth DJ name in as many years - DJ Blazing Faun. I have Chrispy G to thank for the inspiration after we drunkenly stumbled on the words at the Corner Hotel one night. It meant I could hang up DJ Miracles which barely made it through 2 gigs... DJ Boobytrap, which served me well for my residency at the Rob Roy in Melbourne... plus The Surface To Air Sound System... and lastly plain ol' DJ Ryan (Triple R). phew.

The debut of BLAZING FAUN is at an Australian Day party on Saturday, and I've just realised that despite doing an Oz-music show for eight years on Melbourne radio I have barely one decent antipodean tune on my MP3 player to get the floor shakin'...

Anyone got a suggestion? So far i've thought about ! by reguritator and Cathy's Clown by You Am I... neither of which I have in MP3 form. hmm.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Bed Rock

If i had any say in the bedding purchases at our joint this would be what i'd rest my head on... More fab pillow at Urban Outfitters. Its a shame its not a telecaster thinline like my axe.

The miracles of Making Shit Happen

It seems I forgot about a teensy bit of server space I have... so... here's the debut podcast!

everythingatonce_ep001.mp3 (just right-click 'save as')

Obviously its not all iTuned-up or RSS'd to the eyeballs, but dagnamit its here, now... at last.

Tracklisting and links:

FANFARLO - Sand and Ice
KES - Gentle Elf


Procrastination is the sport of kings...

Posting my podcast is taking longer than expected, mainly because of my nasty procrastination habit... i wonder what else i could have accomplished had i been able to ditch this troublesome "P" word...

Essentially i'm sorting out hosting for the podcast, and might re-record the first episode since the information relating to gigs etc. is swiftly getting out of date.

And for now, i'm just going to update my links section, with some excellent places to point your browser at - my favourite blogs essentially, with a mix of music related, pop culture and marketting/trend-watching type things.

Feel free, if you so desire, to suggest your own or someone elses' for 'insertion'!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Party Starts Now

Welcome to my new blog, based around a series of ongoing music podcasts called "Everything At Once". I've been presenting new-music radio programs now for 12 years, but this is my first ever music podcast. So its very exciting and I hope you enjoy the tunes, and are motivated to go out and see these artists live and buy their music.

Each podcast contains around 5 artists, and i'll be listing details here as they become available. I'll also provide links to their myspace pages or other websites, and gig details if any. If you'd like to suggest someone for me to include in a future program, then drop me an email. If you are one of the artists featured in a podcast, and you'd rather your music wasn't used, then please tell me and i'll remove it... or suggest a charity you support and i'll donate US$10 to them.

There's a chance this blog will feature more than just music related chat, so please feel free to participate and provide meaningful, mature contributions, and we can get some good discussions taking place.

If you have a blog, i'd love you to link through to me, and I'll gladly reciprocate.

The first "Everything at Once" podcast is recorded, and will be posted this weekend!