Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Dream Job: Music Supervisor

Listening to the raddest fresh tunes all day, picking the perfect new ditty or long lost classic to fit just right under that exciting car chase, love scene, poignant moment or opening credits of the latest Wes Anderson flick... or an episode of The Wire even. I have no idea what being a Music Supervisor would actually entail as a day to day job, but its sitting just below Rage guest programmer in this monkey's fantasy career list.

Interesting then to spy on Daily Swarm this great article with the 'hot tips' and recommendations from nine influential music supervisors from TV and film. Everything At Once favourites like Yeasayer, My Morning Jacket, Cass McCombs and Noah And The Whale as well as a few new discoveries like Fleet Foxes and The Virgins. Expect to hear the latter two pop up in my new podcast later this week...

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