Monday, 21 September 2009

Pavement reformation ist rad

I should have posted this last week (well, i did but on Twitter, not here). It seems that my favourite band ever - PAVEMENT - is reforming for a world-wide tour in 2010. Their tour begins on September 21st, the first of four shows at Rumsey Playfield in New York's Central Park. On how the reunion came about Spiral Stairs (aka Scott Kannberg) told Prefix Mag:
"Steve and I just had a conversation on the phone, and we'd never talked about it before at all,” he said. “We've talked over the years, but the subject never came up. Then our agent asked us about these New York shows, so we went around to everybody in the band, and they said, 'Yeah, the time is right. If everybody's ready to do it, then we'll do it and see what happens'. There was no real impetus – it just kind of happened naturally."
More awesome details at and

Fingers crossed for Australian dates, although it is tempting to buy tickets and a plane fare for NYC! VERY tempting...

Stephen Malkmus is in Australia this week anyway. I'll be seeing him on Wednesday at the Prince of Wales... AND Spiral Stairs is also in town too... coincidence? Hmm.