Thursday, 24 July 2008


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Melbourne folk duo Luluc head up my Melbourne gigs of the week. They play a free instore at Polyester city on Flinders Lane this Friday from 6:30pm. Luluc are about to release their independent debut Dear Hamlyn, songs from which are already getting FBI, JJJ and RRR rotation. Zoe (Grand Salvo) and Steve (Wagons) launch the album on August 8th at The Corner Hotel. Their tunes are up on myspace too and with excellent new management and label support from Shock, plus a New York tour planned for late August, you can expect big things from these guys over the next 12 months. More info on the group is at their official site.

Also happening this Friday 25th July is a cool show at The Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy. The lineup of Pikelet, Aleks and The Ramps and a new project for James from Architecture in Helsinki looks very promising... plus visuals from Robbie (Grey Daturas) and aural-wallpaper from Dj Faux Pas. Lock it in.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Hottest Digital Music Sites

I'm caught in a dilemma. I'm back in Melbourne, feeling very out of the loop with the local music scene and goings-on, but with a lot of time on my hands in the Victorian countryside. I have zero motivation to post to the blog, and if i did i couldn't use my Mac since i have no way to connect it to the computer/broadband here (until i get an ethernet cable). So, I've little else to do other than be lazy, whingey and sissy-dicked. I have been trawling the net a little in boredom though, and scoping out some recommendations from friends, hence this which came to me from Danny Jumpertz at Feral Media. Wired's Listening Post Hottest Music Sites Online. According to them:

Sites were chosen based not only on what they currently do for music fans, but also on their potential to impact the future development of the music industry. Based on how things go with the first iteration, this list could be updated periodically and opened for voting.

Fave's of mine get a look in like RCRD LABEL and MUXTAPE, plus some new ones too which i'm yet to have adventures within. Anway, I now share it with you. Tada.

Friday, 11 July 2008


photo by Lauren Bamford.

I have a new favourite band to check out when I return to Melbourne next week - Beaches - an all female shoegazy psych-garage 5 piece formed around members of Spider Vomit, Panel of Judges and Love of Diagrams. They wear amazing jeans, and create one hell of a noise... plus the blessed label Mistletone is set to put out their debut, which they are recording with Jack Farley as we speak.

The next Beaches Melbourne show is on July 18th at the Old Bar. More gigs and tunes are on their myspace.

Oh, and yes, i'm back from hiatus!