Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Party Starts Now

Welcome to my new blog, based around a series of ongoing music podcasts called "Everything At Once". I've been presenting new-music radio programs now for 12 years, but this is my first ever music podcast. So its very exciting and I hope you enjoy the tunes, and are motivated to go out and see these artists live and buy their music.

Each podcast contains around 5 artists, and i'll be listing details here as they become available. I'll also provide links to their myspace pages or other websites, and gig details if any. If you'd like to suggest someone for me to include in a future program, then drop me an email. If you are one of the artists featured in a podcast, and you'd rather your music wasn't used, then please tell me and i'll remove it... or suggest a charity you support and i'll donate US$10 to them.

There's a chance this blog will feature more than just music related chat, so please feel free to participate and provide meaningful, mature contributions, and we can get some good discussions taking place.

If you have a blog, i'd love you to link through to me, and I'll gladly reciprocate.

The first "Everything at Once" podcast is recorded, and will be posted this weekend!


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N-Lo said...

Looking forward to hearing you back on the 'airwaves' as it were!