Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Genesis of Laura Jean

photo on LJ's Flickr

One of my absolute favourite singer-songwriters LAURA JEAN is about to reveal her brand new album. Its called Eden Land and follows on from her lush, well regarded, but at times frustrating, debut Our Swan Song. For me the slight twinge of disappointment last time was due to my own expectations about what that record might be, and what i hoped it might come to mean to me. Expectations that only partly delivered. It was beautiful, haunting, touching and even challenging... but perhaps familiarity with Laura's live set over the years leading up to it and my fondness for her after we became friends had coloured my experience. I know it went on to mean a lot to the people that heard it, including the guys from Snow Patrol, just one of the international acts she toured with last year.

Now with the imminent UK release of the follow-up her label here, Co-Operative/V2, are repackaging a cut down EP version of Our Swan Song. Worth hunting down if you are looking for your new fave female artist.

The new one Eden Land is a concept record; exploring ideas of self-discovery, sexual awakening and loss of innocence through a suite of nine interconnected songs. Laura says...

"On one level it’s a breakup album, on another level it’s about leaving a safe situation to experience life. And on another level this album is about becoming aware of my sexuality. And that all ties in with the concept of Eden, someone leaving an idyllic place, kind of pre-awareness, to experience life, which is bound by physicality.”

I can't wait to hear the full record, and wonder if her time playing with the Kes Band will have some kind of affect on the sound or tone of the album. The first song from it - "Anniversary" - can be heard on Laura Jean's Myspace.

Eden Land is being launched in Melbourne AUS, on March 2nd at the Corner Hotel with Sly Hats, Luluc and Biddy Connor.

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