Saturday, 9 February 2008

Dream Job: A&R

Well, actually, no. I've always been slightly repulsed by the idea of being an A&R dude. It checks out very well on paper, and some of my good friends work in A&R, but i just couldn't cope with the psuedo-parental elements of the job - pandering to juvenile, untalented wannabe-rockstars and endless evenings out vacuously wheeling and dealing, boozing and schmoozing to sign naive no-hopers or for favours and leg-ups. I guess maybe i have a distorted view, having never tried it myself, but one of the great things about being a radio DJ for so many years is you still get to go to all the gigs, hear all the latest music and meet the same talented, interesting people who share your passion, but without having to be anyone's drug dealer or nurse.

Drowned in Sound though have a great little ten point guide to making it in A&R if my rant hasn't been too off-putting.

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