Friday, 1 February 2008


Although details are sketchy I'm getting quite excited about the possibility of a Swervedriver reunion tour. I cut my indie teeth on the band in the mid 90s when i played guitar in a group with two certifiable Swervedriver loons. I caught a couple of their Melbourne shows at the time, although I'm still spewing that I never saw them play Triple R's rooftop venue in Fitzroy. I'm told they never quite had the notoriety in their homeland that they did in places like Australia and I get the feeling they were one of those bands that axe-toting, serious shoegazin' young-dudes got into... and everyone else just shrugged their shoulders at. Much like Built To Spill at the time, whose Perfect From Now On has to be a critically overlooked indie-guitar masterpiece.

Anyway, I'm off to see Adam Franklin from Swervedriver play a solo set tomorrow night at the Luminaire. Details of his Australian tour in Feb are also online.

Crap clip, but awesome song:

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