Friday, 15 August 2008

Teenage Fanclub - The Concept

A couple of weeks ago I got Bandwagonesque, the classic Teenage Fanclub album from '91. I can't stop listening to it, especially the astonishing opening track The Concept. I was taught the tune on guitar by a mad welshman in a hot rehearsal room during London's summer '07 and it just brings back all those memories. I wish i'd owned the record before then though, i'm sure i rooted up the solo having never heard it. Anyway, since its stuck in my head, get it stuck into yours:

Unfortunately its not the full album version, you get the MTV fadeout at 3'22. Starsign and What You Do To Me are also standouts on the record. If you're a Big Star, Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr or Byrds fan then its a must-own.

And if yr in Spain in September you can see Teenage Fanclub at the Ebro Vision festival on the 19th. Woo!

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