Thursday, 14 August 2008

Busy Ned

photo by elspop.

With another Europe/UK trip planned for October, there are now only a few opportunies left to catch prog-indie wonderkid Ned Collette and the band before they wing their way away from us.

I myself haven't seen him since a gig early last year at Monto Water Rats in London where he supported Besnard Lakes and which came at the end of a string of dates with Joanna Newsom. It was probably the best show I'd seen Ned do up until that point. But he now has a more stable band, a great critically acclaimed second record under his belt, and the confidence that comes from having already successfully traveled far from home to flog his wares.

Ned Collette Band play on Friday night at Roxanne Parlour in Melbourne with Deloris and Over The Atlantic (NZ). He'll be solo for a special "in the round" show on August 24 at The Retreat in Brunswick with fellow Melbourne songwriters Lisa Miller and Ross McLennan. Then up to Sydney on August 27th for the Shoot The Player website launch.

UK types can catch him from October 9th onwards. Check his myspace for dates.

Ned Collette's album Future Suture is in stores and worth every penny... he's a video for the tune "The Country With A Smile"...

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