Wednesday, 5 March 2008

School of Language

I've spent the morning discovering SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE from Sunderland, UK - the solo project for Field Music's David Brewis. The debut release Sea From Shore came out exactly a month ago through Memphis Industries here, and through the most logical aesthetic home in the rest of the world, Thrill Jockey. On "Rockist Pt 1" Brewis comes across all Sam Prekop-ish over cutup vowel loops, and elsewhere he brings on the angular-muscle rock, even featuring some Futurehead types on the dark and thumpy "Disappointment 99". Its altogether less electro-pop than Field Music, but just as engaging and just experimental enough.

As usual, check out myspace for tunes and details of the current US tour... Drowned in Sound have a review of Sea and Shore... and the Rockist video is below...

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