Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Countdown to Shakey

photo by silversmile from Neil Young's recent Vienna show.

I get to see one of my music heroes on Thursday night when Neil Young plays at the Hammersmith Apollo here in London. He'll be supported by his wife Peggie and he'll do two sets, one of acoustic numbers, then a full rock set. Having seen the recent setlists from this tour up on Sugar Mountain i can only cross my entire body that he whips out Cortez The Killer and Like A Hurricane my fave tracks... or Revolution Blues! imagine that! i will squeel and fill my dacks. I last saw Neil in Melbourne playing his Greendale set in the Myer Music Bowl in the rain, so this gig should go someway to make up for my disappointment at that show which was a half baked load of twaddle.

Ongoing coverage of the tour can be found on this great little blog.


Mort my 1971 VW Bus said...

I beg to differ on Neil's Greendale album. I enjoyed the novel from start to finish, and even caught the show live, twice. But like all Neil Young fans we have our likes and dislikes, but in the end we are all fellow Neil Heads.


Ryan said...

I guess i wanted to like it more than i did! I think it has more resonance on record than in the flesh. But i agree with you that Neil fans love to disagree and argue over elements of his body of work. I find Tonights The Night overated compared to, say, On The Beach which has been my favourite for a while now, and have almost come to blows about it, haha! Thanks for the comments, and whether you like Greendale or not the official site is great...