Saturday, 8 March 2008


I've totally fallen for this Newcastle group - FIREKITES - who I'm told are about to release their debut through Spunk Records. It will be called The Bowery after the iconic abandoned coffee shop and arts space where the album was recorded.

Members of Firekites have spent time playing in or with Josh Pyke, Tucker Bs, Purplene, The Instant and The Herd. They've just supported Sea And Cake for the Sydney show of their tour and are also set to support Iron and Wine on the 11th at the Manning Bar, then hook up with some other Spunk types - Grand Salvo, Machine Translations and Holly Throsby - for a mini tour in April. I wish i could be there!

Official site here and myspace for the tunes and gig dates. There is also this little interview with the group.


matt said...

oh is that Jane Tyrrell? I'll check it out asap.

tim said...

some of the little sonic accoutrements in the tracks on their myspace make me think of ukiyo-e - a very good thing!

Ryan said...

Oh yeah, i loved ukiyo-e. do you have the remix album? i was also a big fan or The Instant and saw them a couple of times in Melbourne, hence my excitement when i heard about these guys.

tim said...

i really wasn't sold on the remix album. it really seemed to suck the warmth out of their songs, a pretty sterile set. that said i haven't listened to it in years i should pull it out! i still listen to the inland EP a fair bit..

loving your blog at the moment ryan, thanks for pointing out the seth godin & 1000 true fans articles in particular. heady times

Ryan said...

thanks tim, the feelings mutual... and cheers for leaving comments, glad to know people are reading it. heady times indeed!