Friday, 7 March 2008

Being Stephen Malkmus(ovich)

photo from suburbancowboy

Lean indie-dad Stephen Malkmus has gathered his Jicks and released a new album - Real Emotional Trash - which i've had swimming inside my Mp3 player for a while now. Its the first to feature ex Sleater Kinny skinsmith Janet Weiss who also pops up on backing vocals. The Jicks themselves provide more muscle than ever behind Stephen's slippery voice.

To my ears this new album blends the pop immediacy of Malkmus' debut with the robust rhythms and prog-rock dalliance of Face The Truth... and Stephen seems to have at last found his groove in a post-Pavement world. However, i think i need a few more listens to get 'emotional' about the album, and i'm not sure he's bettered the first solo outing, which contained so many downright fab, catchy and well-crafted tunes.

Matador have some free downloads of Malkmus output including the fab tune "Baltimore" from the new CD and some videos too.

As if the stars are aligned i now hear that Stephen Malkus and the Jicks will be playing the Bowery Ballroom in New York while i'm there, so fingers crossed it hasn't sold out, otherwise they'll be impressing Londoners at the She-Bu Empire on June here. More general dates etc on his main homepage.

Oh, yes and in reference to the title of this post, i would love to be inside Stephen Malmus' head for a day, even now with him toting a moustache... or perhaps back in the late 90s playing that 2 hour show at the Forum in Melbourne. Check the setlists...Bliss!

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