Thursday, 29 May 2008

Visa Dramas

photo by simply steve

With the expiry of my own UK working-holiday visa forcing me back 'down under' in July i've developed a new found sympathy for others facing a similar fate. I'm sparing thoughts today for M.I.A. who could soon be forced to return to London, or decamp to Montreal when her US visa runs out in June. Jam Showbiz and Daily Swarm report that the 29 year old singer is fast running out of time and exploring other options besides a return to the UK:

“I’m thinking of moving to Montreal in June when I leave my apartment. Basically at the moment I can choose between Montreal and London. My mum’s like, ‘I want you here!’ I haven’t seen her in, like, forever, so I have to choose between my mum and Montreal.”

Although she says Kanye might make a good woman of her so she can stay:

I think he'll marry me to keep me in the country. He was really dead serious about it."

Hey Maya, why not move to Melbourne with us! We can drown our sorrows over a big chicken parmigiana and a jug of Coopers at The Standard in Fitzroy. Mmm. Parma... Better than Kanye.

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