Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Edinburgh and The Rosie Taylor Project

I spent the bank holiday weekend in Edinburgh, my first time in the Scottish capital. Sitting on the grass in front of Princess Street with the sun shining onto the castle and the Old City area was just beyond magical. We even went on the very daggy whisky tour, and got stuck into the Talisker. Mmm, smokey, peaty.

So with two nights there I had scanned The List to find a decent gig on either Saturday or Sunday. Vampire Weekend had sold out but I found something at the Bongo Club on Sunday with a charming group from Leeds called THE ROSIE TAYLOR PROJECT. They come across like Belle and Sebastian or The Lucksmiths in their stylee - gleeful, intelligent pop tunes with strummy guitars, subtle trumpets and intimate, wistful vocals. Right up the girlfriend's alley and in the right context, mine too.

So we had ourselves some evening drinks at a couple of boozers on the Royal Mile, filled up on burritos and tortillas (traditional Scottish fare!) and hoofed our way to the venue at around 9pm only to find it closed. Outside we bumped into one of the Rosie Taylor Project who told us that they weren't on until midnight, and that doors didn't open until 11. Far too late for us alas! I don't understand why the venue wouldn't open earlier on the night before a bank holiday monday... put the bands on at 9 and 10pm, then DJs go from 11 to whatever. I guess every venue has their reasons, and I think its a regular indie club night on Sundays, but we we're a little disappointed.

So, although we promised we'd try to come back later in the evening, we had to retire, and apologies to the nice chap we spoke with outside the venue, I hope the gig went well!

The Rosie Taylor Project release through Bad Sneakers and have some of their fab tunes on myspace and i've also posted one of their videos below:

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