Wednesday, 28 May 2008


photo by Lauren Bamford

Evelyn Morris (aka Pikelet) has got a new EP out according to Mess and Noise, who say that while not being quite on par with her debut, it nonetheless "lightly picks you up, applies some caressing, some probing, then puts you back down again, a little shaken a little breathless." Sounds good to me!

Any time invested in Pikelet is time well spent according to this scribe. I've been a devoted fan of everything Evelyn touches - from her important contributions to True Radical Miracle and Baseball, to her mesmerizing and beguiling live shows. Her Chapter Records debut of last year is worth hunting down, and you can hear selections from it on her myspace.

Pikelet ventures toward the equator this weekend with a show as part of Brisbane's all-ages No Culture Festival. In fact Evelyn plays 3 times on Saturday with her other bands too. Busy busy! Saturday's lineup is Baseball (Melbourne), Turnpike, Luca Brasi (Melbourne), Arrows, True Radical Miracle (Melbourne / Adelaide), Charge Group (Sydney), Alps of NSW (Newcastle), Pikelet (Melbourne), Kes Band (Melbourne), Rialto Decibel Choir (playing potentially their final show), The Surrogate, Willows, Maiden Names, Fourth Is To Burn Warehouses, Otters, and Swandive. Full details and timetable on that link above.


Sabbatical said...

The new release, Pre-Flight Jitters is part of the limited release series on Sabbatical. You can pick it up from

Ryan said...

Fantastic, thanks for the link! Good to see Naked On The Vague appear as part of the series too. Keep up the most radical work.

sophie said...

Come to the Pikelet show on friday night - Evelyn @ the Evelyn! Pikelet + Aleks & the Ramps + Slo Mo Speedboat (Jamie from AIH's solo debut!) + visuals by Jean Poole + Robert McManus + DJ Faux Pas... in other words everything that's good about melbz!
ps. welcome baaaaaack!!!! xo