Thursday, 10 April 2008

No Time?

Can't spare an hour and a half? Somehow I could and i used it watching an excellent lecture by computer science professor Randy Pausch who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2006 and at the time his doctors only gave him three to six months to live. His amazing, empowering and quite often very funny lecture is on Time Management.

Its fair to say I am rubbish at properly managing my time. I do all the classic blunders that make Randy tut-tut... I don't make 'to do' lists, don't keep a diary or calender, don't sort my emails, fail to prioritise tasks, procrastinate alot and do things at the last minute, can't say no when asked to do something for someone, don't delegate well, fail to setup my technology to make me more efficient... the list goes on. Luckily there's tonnes of great tips and amusing anecdotes in the lecture, so its worth some of your valuable time to check it out, especially if you work in a stressful, busy office!

My favourite bit of advice on getting more time? Kill your television. Oh, but you have to get right to end of Randy's lecture to find that nugget.

I found this video on lifehacker in case you got this far without clicking on 'lecture' and working that out... and Randy a has brand new book too called "The Last Lecture". More details on Amazon and you can keep up with his daily struggles to fight his cancer and manage the time he has left on his blog.

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