Tuesday, 15 April 2008

M83 and the Camden Crawl

I'm a newcomer to French musican Anthony Gonzalez and his project M83. Friends have been talking up his last couple of records - but they were a little bleak, static, alienating or cold to really draw me in, even perhaps a little geeky. And if its too geeky for me, then that's saying something. And even though the shoegazer influence was apparent and appealing before it seems to have become more central to the aesthetic on his new release Saturdays=Youth. He's got himself a band and created almost the ultimate 80s teenage summer party synth/guitar-album for lonely kids with no friends. The record came out this week with a glowing review on Pitchfork and the tunes are on myspace and hype machine.

M83 is in London this weekend for the Camden Crawl, the annual "new music" showcase event that takes place in various venues in, funnily enough, Camden: a place seen by some as the spritual home for rock and roll in London. A two day pass will cost just under 50 quid and can be bought from the official site, where there is also more details about the bands playing etc. I don't think i'll be going but if you're after some tips i'd say look out for Ida Mariah, Crystal Castles, M83, Ladyhawke, Noah and the Whale and Fanfarlo.

Oh, and did you know that an M83 is an assault rifle? No? Here's a photo.

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