Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Blitzen Trapper and Fleet Foxes in DC

Fleet Foxes - photo by Svetlana80.

I've been off the blog lately because of my current holiday in the USA - currently i'm typing on a norwegian keyboarded ibook in a B&B in the East Village, NYC. We spent Easter here, then winged it to Washington DC and caught up with Blitzen Trapper and Fleet Foxes at The Black Cat - a snazzy venue suited to an intimate evening with my two fave american bands of the moment.

Fleet Foxes kicked off with their CSNY harmonies and Shinsy pop-smarts - they were the real highlight of the evening for me, and in spite of Robin's headcold they sounded incredible. I've raved about them before, so i'll just say lookout for their new album dropping mid year on Sub Pop (US) and Bella Union (UK), with a vinyl version on 12" and a bonus 10" too. Woot!

Blitzen Trapper put in a solid, inspiring set of newer songs as well as faves from Wild Mountain Nation - and after the show i picked up their 6 song tour EP with freshly recorded brand-spankers... perfect for our drive through Amish country on the way to Philly. Expect to hear something from the EP on my next podcast when i return to the UK.

More dates (including details of Canadian shows this week) are on their myspace.

Oh, and there is a great Flickr photo set from the gig too, which is where these snaps came from. In fact, we were standing right behind the photographer, so its just as we saw it - sorry no audio though, you'll have to use your imagination.

Blitzen Trapper - photo by Svetlana80.

In follow up to my last post we did make it to the Sons and Daughters gig at the Bowery, but missed the Brunettes because we'd been gas-bagging with friends over garlic snails and beers. However, I fell madly in love with Bodies of Water who came over like an awesomely weird cross between The Salteens and Arcade Fire. Seriously, take a listen! No more gigs are planned here in New York, although Australian living legend PAUL KELLY is in town playing tonight and tomorrow at Joe's Pub, and we'd love to see Stephen Malkmus but his gigs are sold out.

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