Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Music journalism in Australia

Mess and Noise have a well considered and passionate article online from Andrew Ramadge on the state of music journalism and music criticism in Australia. It takes as its stepping off point an article in Rolling Stone by Everett True (which I'm yet to read) and dissects the predicaments facing street press and the value of cultivating and supporting online music sites/blogs with an Australian bent:
"...the web has, or will very soon, become the major source of news for Australians. This month the Communications and Media Authority reported that the internet had surpassed newspapers, TV and radio as the nation's most trusted source of information. One of the biggest challenges that Australian music journalists face is ensuring that local music history doesn't get lost online – but it isn't the street press, or Rolling Stone, who are going to tackle it."
Read the full article and the ensuing discussion on Mess and Noise.

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