Sunday, 29 March 2009

New music for a Sunday

I slipped into Polyester this morning with CD buying on my mind. I've been using my eMusic subscription lately to get my ears into new music, but I'm getting a hankering to return to the land of tactile purchases. So I bought three great new albums to enjoy in the warm sunshine streaming into our loungeroom on this glorious sunday in Melbourne.

First up the debut from Melbourne duo Kid Sam. Cousins Kierin and Kishore Ryan make lovely, otherworldly indie folk tunes full of looped industrial percussion and skittery guitars which are sometimes fuzzed out, and other times gentle and acoustic. The self titled album is RRR's album of the week and they're playing a free instore at Polyester's city store on April 24th. I reckon I might be there.

I also picked up the new album for NZ's Lawrence Arabia (pictured above). Its a joyful pop-soaked affair... dripping with Beatle-esque tones and a wistful boyish charm. The album - Chant Darling - is out through Mistletone.

And lastly I got the new album for Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt. I'm pretty much obsessed with his band and the album he's produced - The Floodlight Collective - is a sweet, multi-layered and dreamy adventure into similar pastures to the 'hunter. Recorded under the name Lotus Plaza, the record is out through Kranky.

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