Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No Through Road

Can any indie band in the land lay a hand on No Through Road? Their skinny white asses may not win in a headbutt fight, but in the shouty guitar slingery grudgematch they'd kick yours and your mothers. And they're from Adelaide too, my hometown, so i'm rooting for them. In the American sense yo.

The group, led by self proclaimed 'Slacker King' Matt Banham, have mutated into quite the shock-and-awe rock force, some miles away from the Oberst-esque folk wrangling of his early recordings. Now there's more of a Bob Pollard swagger and punch, with the spit and bile of early Constantines or fellow convicts The Drones. Its party music. For thoughtful tough guys and hard drinkin' geeks.

Winner, the new album from No Through Road, is released through Melbourne label Low Transit Industries on April 25th, with a corker hometown show in Adelaide is planned for May 9th at The Metro featuring Wagons, Sea Thieves and Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! Check their websites for more details, free music and links to their myspace and stuff. Below is the video for the latest single from the new album "Party to Survive" but there's even better songs on the album. Truly.


Anonymous said...

Sydney show is may 30

Ryan Egan said...

Thanks. For some reason i thought The Metro in the flyer meant Sydney, not Adelaide. Where is the Metro Hotel in Adelaide? Anyway, the post is updated to reflect the new location, rather than date. Check their myspace for other gigs.

Ben said...

Hey Ryan, My mate Nic is in No Through Road. Coming to see 'em on the 23rd?