Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Yuletide Wind-down

Sleep deprived and run-ragged seems the default option for many at this time of year, myself included. If doing breakfast radio shifts, waking at 4:45am, isn't enough, I'm still dragging myself into work for a normal 8 hour shift, with little time left to prepare for the next days broadcast, let alone buy presents, food, decorations and booze for Xmas. Hmm.

Plus I'm on cooking detail for Jesus' birthday too. Which, actually I'm really looking forward to. Cooking and listening to music are the great pleasures in life, and guess what? You can do them at the same time. Perfect. So fish is on the menu this year, less as a homage to the newly birthed Lord, more as a way to try something new, instead of the underwhelming old faithfuls - ham and turkey. I've got some choice baked fish recipes too, cooking the whole thing Thai style with lots of coriander, chili, thai basil and garlic. Yum! So i'll be off to the fishmongers tomorrow, after the stint at Triple R, and then to the fresh fruit and vegie market for the rest of the shopping. I have the day off work (joy!) and can begin a small Yuletide wind down of my own.

Speaking of Triple R, and if you are keen for some decent Xmas listening, there is a team of special presenters on board for the 25th, with 'sweet' tunes for your listening pleasure. A full list of who's on air is online now. And you can check out the music we've been playing on the Summer Breakfasters page of the Triple R site.

Oh, and peace and love to you and yours over the silly season. And as someone said to me today: "drive safe".

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