Sunday, 14 December 2008

Triple R - Summer Breakfasters

I am presenting Breakfasters on TRIPLE R for two weeks with the irrepressible Jess McGuire, Defamer blogger and presenter of I'd Rather Jack.

We start tomorrow, Monday morning, 15th of December. We'll also be on-air for Xmas day! Open your presents to our dulcet tones. It will be your pleasure.

We have the usual Breakfasters stuff like whats-in-the-papers, news on the half hour and regular special guests. We're talking film with Cerise Howard, books with Lou Swinn, sport with Jesse Fyfe and 'superlingo' with Georgia Webster.

Plus we'll be covering coolsie events, happenings and gossip in Melbourne leading up to Xmas and an absolute tonne of kickarse music. You can listen in Melbourne from 6-9am on 102.7FM or tap the glorious MP3 stream at

If you are in London, we are on between 7 and 10pm, Sunday to Thursday. Breakfast for dinner, yum!

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