Thursday, 11 December 2008

Brighten The Corners

The expanded reissue (Deluxe!) edition of Pavement's super fourth LP Brighten The Corners has at last been released (follow link for full Australian release info). If it is as well packaged, thorough and essential as the previous reissues, i'll be nipping down the local record shop this weekend to have me one of them spiffy 2CD packs, oh yes.

Fader get stuck in with Mitch Easter who may not have played the role of primary producer, in spite of what was reported at the time of its initial release... and Aquarium Drunkard ask "What sort of Pavement fan are you?"

I'm the Wowee Zowee devotee: "Someone who embraces chaos and finds life’s meaning in the constantly shifting nature of existence and human nature."

Pitchfork TV have the excellent doco on Pavement - A Slow Century - up online for free, for just one more day only!

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