Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Thalia Zedek

This is Boston-based singer-songwriter Thalia Zedek playing live for The Deepend on ABC Radio National in mid-2005. It was filmed for DIG TV i think, and if you look quickly between 1:11 and 1:15 you see the back of my head as i reach for the reverb send on the mixing console. I'd reckon i must be turning the reverb down, since she's drowning in it! haha. Thanks to Rob for sending me this, I'd forgotten this was ever filmed.

Thalia Zedek
is on tour in the UK and Europe, full details on myspace. Her latest album is Liars and Prayers and its out now on the ever excellent Thrill Jockey.

Thalia played in an incredible band in the 90s called Come. If you dig the song above but want something a bit more energetic check out their '94 release Don't Ask Don't Tell.

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