Friday, 31 October 2008

All Songs Considered

I posted about Lykke Li the other day (see below) and then who should i hear opening the latest podcast from NPR's All Songs Considered, but the Swedish songstress herself. Great minds catch up at the same time methinks!

Anyway, it reminded me that I've been downloading All Song Considered for a few weeks now and its becoming one of my favourite music podcasts. Quite often I might have only a passing interest in the songs on offer, but Bob's presentation is so genuine and he displays such affection for the artists and their craft that its really compulsive listening. Let your inner music nerd be seduced by subscribing, or at the very least get onto their great concert and live performance archives at NPR. They currently have the recent Elephant 6 Orchestra live concert online. Bless them.

Have a great weekend x

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