Monday, 29 September 2008

Muxtape Rises

Incredibly popular and forward thinking mixtape sharing site - Muxtape - is officially closed... but soon to be relaunched! There's an awesomely candid article on the site currently explaining how and why it was shutdown.

With the amount of money involved in online music now, and the power of big online retailers like iTunes, eMusic and Amazon growing... plus the label's own online stores popping up and deals being cut with mobile providers etc. everyone is out to protect their patch. Or that of others, in the case of the RIAA.

The new Muxtape will be good news for bands...

Muxtape is relaunching as a service exclusively for bands, offering an extremely powerful platform with unheard-of simplicity for artists to thrive on the internet. Musicians in 2008 without access to a full time web developer have few options when it comes to establishing themselves online, but their needs often revolve around a common set of problems. The new Muxtape will allow bands to upload their own music and offer an embeddable player that works anywhere on the web, in addition to the original muxtape format.

But the show is over for those of us who used the service to make out own mixtapes for friends and listen to those of others. Boo!

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