Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Wilco - a roadtrip CD

I'm driving to Wagga Wagga, in regional NSW, on Friday with the wife and my parents. Well, my dad will drive and we'll enjoy the ride. It takes six hours. It's not the most enjoyable journey. You need distractions, and good driving tunes. Which is usually what I take care of. So tonight I'm pulling together some CDs for the trip.

It's hard to pick stuff that isn't obvious, already overplayed or polarizing. The Beatles, Traveling Wilburys, Neil Young and Crowded House usually get a heavy work out. But I like to sometimes slip in something the folks have never heard, something treasured by me, new to them.

If there was one band I think my parents should and could love as much as me is WILCO. So I've pulled together a playlist for an 80 minute CD we can listen to in the car, a bit of a "best of Wilco" ...but with my baby boomer parents in mind. Its an almost equal mix from all their records (with the exception of AM, which I don't own). See what you think, comments welcome...

Can't Stand it
You and I
War on War
Sky Blue Sky
Hell is Chrome
Outtaside (Outta Mind)
She's a Jar
I'll Fight
Impossible Germany
Far, Far Away
A Shot In The Arm
One Wing
Jesus, etc
Red-Eyed and Blue
How To Fight Loneliness
On and On and On
Sunken Treasure


frontwards said...

I'd add 'Not For The Season". Otherwise great compilation, happy trails

BG said...

Nice list. I haven't really listened to their most recent album, which features heavily here. So it's good to hear the best from it.

I enjoy making these too. I made a Will Oldham playlist last year. Pulled out all the best from Palace, BPB, Superwolf and Will Oldham.

Ryan Egan said...

thanks BG and Frontwards... i stuck with the list in this post, went down quite well. Will Oldham comp is great idea!