Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Its a Mystery To Me

I hit a little bit of writers block meets flatchat this weekend, and where there should have appeared a brand spanking podcast instead there is sweet F.A. I'm winging it to NYC on Wednesday so my mind is elsewhere, but i have been reading a lot of SXSW stuff over the weekend - you know, all that 'wrapping' up kinda junk. Gorilla Vs Bear put on the raddest party there, and have posted a tonne of polaroids frm Austin. Hear Ya blogggers have posted some cool and downright odd photos from their time there. Keep your browser peeled for more from both of them, and i've been enjoying Zan Rowe's Triple J SXSW blog (she tipped me off on Bon Iver who i now love) and also the BBC SXSW blog too, which i have posted about previously.

The Beeb are also gearing up for some heavy-duty RADIOHEAD action on April Foolsday. The band are playing two gigs live to air - a matinee and an evening performance - and doing a series of interviews. More details on the official BBC site.

So now to my favourite video at the moment for those cheeky chaps in Mystery Jets and their spunky cohort Ms Laura Marling...

Laura Marling also gets a bit of a post-sxsw write up in the NME. She's starting to get all buzzy, and i reckon she could go massive in 2008.

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