Wednesday, 20 February 2008

More SXSW Fever and Hot Tips

I'm getting emails now from friends back home (down under) heading to Austin for SXSW in less than 3 weeks, looking for my hot tips on who to check out. So having compiled said list for them, it seems fit to share it here. As per my post a few days ago, i'm actually not going to what Paste Magazine is describing as the "election season of the music industry" although I might pickup the tail of some of the post-sxsw touring when i slip into New York in late March. Paste have however written a fab little article breaking down stats on participating artists into regions, the percentage of bands named after animals, colours and rude words. You might be interested to know that bands with the word fuck in their name now account for 0.19% of all the artists at the festival, a drop on last year of 0.4%. The whole article is here.

So, onto my own roughly compiled list of artists i'd see if i were heading to Austin...

Constantines - web
Fleet Foxes - web
Mom - web
Fuck Buttons - web
Laura Marling - web
Hong Kong Blood Opera - web
Ida Maria - web
I Was A Cub Scout - web
White Rabbits - web
Earlimart - web
White Denim - web
The Ting Tings - web
The Spinto Band - web
Grand Archives - web
These New Puritans - web
Jo Lean and The Jing Jang Jong - web
Tall Firs - web
Cryptacize - web
Asobi Seksu - web
Times New Viking - web
Care Bears On Fire - web
Do The Undo - web
Awesome Cool Dudes - web
Phosphorescent - web
Dr Dog - web
Noah And The Whale - web
Black Mountain - web
Yeasayer - web
Old Time Relijun - web
My Morning Jacket - web
Born Ruffians - web
Port O'Brien - web

Or just basically go to the Gorilla Vs Booze party.

A full list with weblinks for SXSW 2008 is at Austin 360. And please leave comments or suggestions below on either my own choices or yours!

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